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The Most Versatile Element Defying Outdoor Light - Match Light by Coastal Source

Coastal Source presents the contemporary styled Match Light, the most versatile element defying outdoor light on the market.

Built to withstand the weather, the Match Light uses anodized extruded aluminum. This finish has high quality benefits over powder coating, which is what most outdoor lighting consists of. The main benefit of anodized extruded aluminum is the protection it provides from corrosion, while simultaneously allowing the aluminum to maintain its attractive metallic appearance.

The Coastal Source Match light is a maintenance free product built for longevity.

The Gimbal LED Module creates a flexible custom design allowing for light articulation in any direction. The Coastal Source Match light is built to be a part of a system and guarantees that all components will work together seamlessly creating the perfect ambiance for your outdoor living space.

  • DESIGN The Match Light was created to be an elegant, modern lighting element in your landscape. Clean lines frame proprietary design features like an integrated drainage system.

  • FLEXIBILITY The heart of the Match Light is the Gimbal LED Module. This custom-designed IP68 module features 25 degrees of articulation in any direction. This allows for immense flexibility.

  • MATERIALS While many others in the market use powder coated cast aluminum, these fixtures are anodized extruded aluminum. This material difference is huge when it comes to defying the elements.

  • PERFORMANCE The Gimbal LED module features a CREE COB LED with unmatched efficiency and color accuracy. Combine the articulation with swappable optics, and you will see this fixture is built for performance.

  • SYSTEM Just like all Coastal Source products, these fixtures are built as part of a system. Coastal Source builds every component to work together harmoniously, from the transformer to the very last fixture.

  • QUALITY OUTDOOR LIGHTING Contemporary fixtures are generally made of extruded or cast tubes which limits access to the interior and the fixed position of the LED’s limits adjustability, functionality and performance. The combination of the Coastal Source Match C-Shell design and Gimbal LED module solve these problems and add additional flexibility. The Coastal Source Match Contemporary fixtures consist of three fixtures (Uplight, Bollard, and Path), but can be assembled and reconfigured into many different fixtures with many applications.

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