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Imagine walking into your home, and with just a simple command, the lights turn on and illuminate the space. You feel a sense of convenience and comfort as you go about your daily routine, knowing that the energy-efficient LED bulbs are not only saving you money but also helping the environment.


With smart lighting, you can effortlessly customize the ambiance of your home to match your mood, whether you prefer a warm and cozy atmosphere or a cool and energizing vibe. The ability to set different lighting scenes for different times of day or activities means that your home can be as sensual and inviting as you want it to be. And as the night falls, your smart lighting system helps you unwind and relax, mimicking natural sunlight patterns to promote restful sleep. With enhanced security features that create the illusion of occupancy, you can feel safe and secure knowing that your home is protected. Smart lighting is more than just a practical solution; it's a sensory experience that enhances every moment of your day.

EPIC Audio Video offers several outdoor lighting options also!

DMF Lighting-EPIC Audio Video.jpg


DMF Lighting’s products are designed to be intuitively simple while leveraging the most forward-thinking LED light technology.

DMF Lighting designs, manufactures and distributes residential and commercial downlighting that simply fits — it’s easy to specify and intuitively simple. An engineering driven company, DMF stands out for our forward-thinking industrial design and engineering, responsive service, and deliverability of product.

Compare Products

With so many products to choose from, we have created easy-view comparison "one-sheets" for a simplified side-by-side quick look at all your favorites!

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