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Smart Home Control

Tired of using multiple apps to control your home? Forget to turn the thermostat up after you’ve already left? Need to let a family member into your home? EPIC Audio Video is your home automation expert to identify, install and support your smart home. While there are many smart products available, it isn't until these devices work together, cohesively, that you experience the full benefit of a smart home.


Today, the smart home is controllable from anywhere in the world, increasing your ability to manage your devices, comfort and environment. With one touch you can dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn the air conditioning to the appropriate temperature, lock the doors and arm the security system—from wherever you are. Live SMARTER with the help of EPIC Audio Video. Our product offerings and services are limited only to your imagination. We bring decades of experience in providing our clients with the perfect solution for their homes and with our vast selection of inter-compatible products and expert knowledge, you can rest assured that EPIC will be the only company you need to consider when starting your smart home foundation.


Your network performance and reliability are the foundation for all things SMART. Benefits of a high-performing network include faster and more reliable download speeds, increased security and easier remote troubleshooting. With the challenges of large spaces, concrete block and hurricane glass, EPIC Audio Video can design, install and support a robust solution, prepared specifically for your home.



Looking to integrate your home security alarm and camera surveillance control into your smart home? Let EPIC Audio Video show you ways to get the most out of your existing system or assemble a new system. Whether it’s surveillance, outdoor lighting or strategic security lighting, we use a number of products and techniques to deter and prevent security events at your home. Controlled locks, door bells and garage doors are all small ways in which we can make a big difference in the safety and comfort of your home.


Today's smart lighting enhances life in profound ways.  Imagine a mood. Then, with a designer keypad, set your pace effortlessly for relaxation or entertainment. Enhance overall beauty, convenience and security. Luxury lighting fixtures and technology awaken the spirit in the morning while shades automatically rise. Natural light then follows you throughout the day for enhanced energy and wellbeing. In the evening, lighting subtly accentuates your home's architecture and art while protecting the entire perimeter.

Touch panel on wall_Energy.png

Compare Products

With so many products to choose from, we have created easy-view comparison "one-sheets" for a simplified side-by-side quick look at all your favorites!

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