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Salamander Designs

For more than 20 years, Salamander Designs® has been designing innovative, specialized furniture systems that are shaped by your needs.

As an industry leader, Salamander Designs® produces specialized AV furniture and accessories that are designed for professional Integrators and Audiophiles. Their products are engineered specifically for their intended purpose and comply with industry standards such as UL and EIA compliance.

Creating functional furniture that seamlessly integrates your lifestyle with today’s technology is our mission. We consider our Design Philosophy to be the perfect fusion of visual design, functional engineering and solid craftsmanship.

The Salamander Difference is more than just the sum of its parts. It is the total package. We believe that our furniture should enhance the overall experience you seek, while meeting your specific needs.


Throughout our history, Salamander has been committed to building as many of our products as possible in the USA. Even in today’s “outsourcing” world, we still build to order all but a tiny fraction of our AV cabinets and entertainment seating right here in our Corporate facility.


Compare Products

With so many products to choose from, we have created easy-view comparison "one-sheets" for a simplified side-by-side quick look at all your favorites!

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