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AFIREWATER® Prestige Water Vapor Eco-Friendly Fireplace

Add the aesthetic appeal of a contemporary water vapor fireplace to your living space with the AFIREWATER Prestige Water Vapor Fireplace.

Running completely off of water vapor you are provided with a safe, easy and clean entertainment staple for your home or office. The Prestige model gives you full control of the flame height, speed and color using your smartphone or remote control. Set the mood with a natural flame color or get creative with its 30 different color options. When it comes to installation, rest easy as the Afirewater fireplace was designed to be operational right “out of the box". Freedom from exhaust and gas lines, this eco-friendly fireplace will put you at ease in an instant.

VENTLESS FIREPLACE Eco-friendly fireplace that does not require an exhaust duct and does not create water condensation

FLAME EFFECTS In addition to the golden orange shade of natural flames, you can create flames of any color of the rainbow. From red to green to blue and turquoise, there are 30 options to choose from. You can even set up automatic color changing flame effects.

WATER VAPOR INFORMATION It does not emit any harmful exhaust gas and produces minimal moisture or condensation. The water vapor immediately evaporates in the ambient air. Since it runs on tap water and doesn’t emit heat, it poses no danger to the homeowner or admirers. You can install these fireplace inserts absolutely anywhere, from apartments and houses to public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, businesses and spas.

ELECTRONIC INFORMATION The electronically controlled and operated dual air-vapor flow makes it possible to create adjustable flames. You can control the flame height, flame speed, and flame color creating a custom and modern flame effect. The water vapor fireplace inserts are designed to be operational right “out of the box”.

SAFETY Cool water vapor flames. No burning gas. Devices run on 24V (100-240V | 50-60 Hz transformer)


  • App Smartphone

  • Dry contact for home automation

  • Remote control

  • On/off button


  • Manual-fill

  • Automatic fill by connecting to water supply line

  • Fill with integrated pump

  • No drain needed

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