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Home Theater Motorized Sectional Seating - The CinemaTech Estrella is a Luxury Experience

CinemaTech's Estrella Motorized Sectional seating provides you with a fully customizable luxury experience.

Touching on just a few of the fabulous features you will love... USB ports, dual motor control of footrest and headrest, motorized incliner and much more.

Personalize this motorized sectional seating to fit perfectly into your space and suit your comfort needs. Made from the finest high quality materials, handcrafted with the top five percent of all leather and fabrics on the market, you are sure to see and feel the incredible quality of this luxury sectional.

The CinemaTech Estrella Motorized Sectional is the perfect addition to your home theater, creating an unforgettable viewing experience. The German designed dual motorized system gives you full control in finding your perfect viewing position. This motorized sectional will exceed your home theater expectations in both quality and style.

MOTORIZED SECTIONAL Perhaps the fastest selling CinemaTech design since the Valentino in 1999. The Estrella is revolutionizing home theater. Its elegance, functionality and pure beauty makes for a stunning front row in your theater. Inspired for total comfort with its German designed dual motor system to create the perfect viewing position, the Estrella is the ultimate solution for your front row seating needs.


  • Motorized Incliner

  • USB Port

  • Motorized Headrest

  • Endless configurations

  • Dual Motor Control with footrest/incline as one motor & headrest as a separate motor

  • Silver, Black or Bronze

  • Cup Holders

CinemaTech Brand

  • Finest handcrafted materials that reflect and accentuate room aesthetics

  • Top 5% of all leathers and fabrics on the market

  • Customized for comfort and luxury with more than 25,000 in use

MAKE IT YOUR OWN All CinemaTech seats are built to order, meaning you can personalize the design including arrangement, stitching options, color blocking and more!

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