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Invisible Speakers

LinearResponseG™ full range, high-output invisible speakers incorporate patented Stealth technology to provide category-leading sound quality and extended bass response, all while eliminating the unsightly grilles and bulky boxes of traditional speakers.

Our award-winning line of Made In America totally invisible speakers and subwoofers, utilize injection molded frames, low profile high-power cone woofers, Neodymium tweeters and multi-stage crossover networks to deliver unmatched warmth, realism and depth of sound.

From foreground music systems to home theaters; board rooms to conference rooms and masking systems, Stealth provides you with the most capable and best sounding family of totally invisible architectural speakers available in the world.

About Stealth Acoustics.

At Stealth Acoustics, we believe that good audio and video system design is achieved with a sleek and minimalist asthetic, in combination with high end components and performance, in order to fully capture the beauty and essence of the architectural style in your home or business.  Stealth Acoustics delivers the highest quality, American made, invisible or hidden AV solutions in an ever growing marketplace. Now you don’t have to sacrifice quality to have a discrete system that compliments your space!

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