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The World's Largest Outdoor TV Measures 25' and Costs just $5,000 an Inch

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Why waste a beautiful blue-sky day watching the game inside when you can entertain guests in front of your 301" luxury television. The world's largest outdoor tv rises from the ground, unfolds before your eyes and measures over 25' (301"). The C SEED 301 is available for pre-order at around $1.4M.

The C SEED 201 (available now) is an ultra-powerful outdoor TV screen that wraps technology into rigorously streamlined design aesthetics created by Porsche Design Studio. Simplicity of form, quality, durable high-grade materials and impeccable workmanship are combined in an austerely imposing installation.

  • The TV screen is hidden in its underground storage casing

  • Activation by a simple push of a button on the remote control

  • The column takes 15 seconds to achieve its full height of 4.65 m (15 ft.).

  • Seven massive MicroLED panels unfold equally soundlessly within the next 25 seconds.

To compliment your new TV, it only makes sense to add ground rising speakers to your luxury outdoor living experience as well.

Dubbed as masters of outdoor engineering, this innovative brand also offers superior high-end, waterproof loudspeakers that rise from beneath the ground and project a sound that resembles art. The speakers will run you about $25,000 with subwoofers coming in at around $24,000.

This is how to get the party started!

C SEED Entertainment Systems matches minimalistic design with impeccable craftsmanship to create leading-edge luxury electronics. This award-winning company was founded in 2009 by Alexander Swatek together with Jakob Odgaard and Jorn Sterup, two former Bang & Olufsen managers. It is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with a branch office and showroom in Los Angeles, California.


EPIC Audio Video has been enhancing the outdoor living experience of our neighbors for over 30 years. Schedule a consult with our design team and start living your best outdoor life, today!

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