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Focal Littora 1000 ICS SUB10 - Outdoor Subwoofer

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Focal created the Littora 1000 ICW SUB10 with your marine and outdoor living needs at the forefront of their focus. The yacht, the pool deck, or the spa are now ready to be graced with Focal's audio expertise.

The Littora 1000 ICW SUB10 is the perfect partner to any system. Focal carefully and strategically thought of everything when creating this product giving you not only high-quality audio but also great installation flexibility, as it only requires a shallow mounting depth.

With its sleek look, this subwoofer will be a pleasant addition not only for your listening pleasure, but for your visual pleasure as well.

A POWERFUL, CAPTIVATING SOUND AT SEA Made in France, the Littora 1000 ICW10 speaker driver is the flagship product from Focal's yachting offering. Like a dive watch, it has been developed to perfectly suit being used in marine settings (yachts), salty and wet environments, or in homes in coastal areas (indoors and outdoors). It features the Fiber IP cone which is IP65 certified, guaranteeing its perfect resistance to water and dust ingress.

IP65 CERTIFICATION Littora 1000 products have IP65 certification. IP, or Ingress Protection, is a standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission relating to a product's degree of water resistance and protection against the ingress of solids and dust

BESPOKE SYSTEM An angled bracket is supplied as an accessory, enabling you to choose to tilt the speaker driver, direct the sound wherever you wish, and enjoy a customized system.

CHOOSE HOW YOU USE IT By simply clicking a button on the back of the speaker drivers, you can adapt the sound they produce depending on whether they are to be used indoors or outdoors.

ADJUSTABLE TREBLE LEVEL Three settings for the tweeter (-3/0/+3dB) to best suit each environment.

VERSATILE SOUND AND SIGNATURE The speaker driver benefits from two optimized crossovers for indoor and outdoor installation. The tweeter also has 3 level settings.

SEALED CONNECTION A DT06-2S sealed connector provides a reliable, fast and secure connection. Disassembly is just as easy.

BERYLLIUM TWEETER This tweeter boasts the inverted dome from the Utopia loudspeakers, and delivers unrivalled treble precision.

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