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Easy Mount MR16 Tree Downlighting from Coastal Source

The Coastal Source MR16 Tree Light gives you the downlighting you have been dreaming of without the nightmare of difficult installation.

Mount your new MR16 Tree Light by simply pre-drilling a single hole and using the attached stainless steel screw to secure downlighting that is sure to transform your outdoor living space. Enjoying the stunning view of your home in no time!

This MR16 Tree Light has a beautiful vintage brass finish as well as rotating O-rings to provide you with flexibility and a high-quality visual appeal.

Coastal Source is known for their quality outdoor products that defy the elements with ease. Therefore, your M16 Tree Lights will provide you with the perfect ambiance, safety and curb appeal for many years to come.

DOWNLIGHTING DONE RIGHT We all love the beautiful scene that downlighting creates and its ability to transform a good lighting design to stunning. However, we don’t really care for the difficulty of working with a tree, mount, and two to three screws while up on a ladder.

INSTALLATION Our Uniball Tree Light means one screw and less time (and risk) spent hanging each fixture. Take advantage of this game-changing product that can give you the ultimate stability and flexibility when creating those truly magnificent down-lit designs.


  • Size: 10in (L) x 3in (W) (fixture/mount) 6.0in x 0.375in (Ø) Uniball Screw

  • Weight: 4.0 lbs

  • Construction: Solid Brass

  • Voltage: 7-18VAC/7-24VDC

  • Finish: Vintage Brass

  • Shroud: 360° Rotational with O-Ring

  • Lamp: MR16 LED

  • Wattage: Maximum 9W G3 MR16 LED Lamp Lens: Clear Flat Borosilicate Glass

  • Mounting: Uniball Tree Mount (Stainless Steel bolt)

  • Fixture Connector: CMC Male Direct Connector

  • Wiring: Removable 6" CMC-CC Y-Cable (not included)

  • Warranty: Brass Parts (Lifetime*)

SIMPLICITY IS KEY Mounting a fixture in a tree isn't easy. The Uniball Mount allows you to pre-drill ONE hole and drive one stainless steel screw into the tree. No more aligning of 2-3 hanger bolts and no more removing the fixture to make adjustments. Thanks to great work by Coastal Source Lead Designer Sean, this is the best Tree Light system on the planet!

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