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One-of-a-Kind Modern Design with the Focal OD Stone 8 Outdoor Speaker

The Focal OD Stone 8 is one of a kind in the outdoor speaker market. The sleek and modern design is sure to look perfect by the pool, in the garden or around the spa.

Never worry about the elements damaging your speaker. The Focal OD Stone 8 is IP55 certified guaranteeing this product's degree of water resistance and protection against the ingress of solids and dust. The OD Stone 8 has outdoor waterproof perks paired with the high quality sound that you have come to know and love about Focal. They left no stone unturned as they took their time creating this timeless outdoor audio device.

Enhance your outdoor living space and experience both audible and visual transformation with Focal OD Stone 8!


With its sophisticated design and finishes combining purity and elegance, the OD Stone 8 loudspeaker is the perfect model for enjoying the Focal sound in your outdoor spaces (gardens, terraces and poolsides). IP55 certified and featuring anti-UV treatment, it withstands adverse weather and extreme climates.

2-WAY OUTDOOR SPEAKER With the benefit of Focal’s know-how, the loudspeaker integrates a bass-midrange speaker driver with Iris IP cone (7 7/8” / 20cm) and an Aluminium ‘M’-shaped inverted dome tweeter for high-quality sound reproduction. Thanks to its integrated transformer, it is 70/100 V compatible and can cover large spaces with no loss of power.

FINISHES OD Stone 8 is pebble-shaped and has a textured outer surface, this rock-like effect creating a unique finish. The three finishes available – Basalt, Sand and Limestone – ensure that this model of loudspeaker looks both discreet and refined in outdoor spaces.

IP55 CERTIFICATION The OD Stone 8 loudspeaker is IP55 certified. IP, or Ingress Protection, is a standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission relating to a product's degree of water resistance and protection against the ingress of solids and dust.


  • Modern, elegant design blends seamlessly into any outdoor space

  • Excellent sound quality and broad bandwidth: 8" Midbass with Iris IP cone and 1" Aluminum ‘M’-shaped inverted dome tweeter

  • Loudspeaker that combines perfectly with an OD Sat 5 and OD Sub 12 system

  • Mounted and held in place thanks to its hanging loop

  • IP55-certified technical design (water and dust)

  • 8Ώ and 70V/100V compatible

PURE OUTDOOR SOUND The OD Stone 8 was developed by the Focal engineers to offer the same high-end sound and harmonious aesthetic as any indoor product on the market.

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